About us

About us fdsvar 18/01/2023
Philosophical society SVAR is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit citizens’ association. The association is founded with the aim to promote and make known the philosophical basis and understanding of the universal human need to undertake both spiritual and material work on and in oneself, as well as the need for the development and maturation of one’s own creativity, which activates dormant genetic potentials in a human being and creates conditions for better communication with oneself and the environment. 
One of the main goals of SVAR society (“light” in Old Slavonic) is to acquaint the general public with the philosophy and insights of Vladimir Labat Rovnjev whose creative work emphasizes the need for personal spiritual-material and creative development. By working to achieve these goals, the society wishes to spread the freedom of thought and speech, to stimulate and encourage the individual to investigate and research spiritual-material insights and growth in communion with the collective. 
The SVAR society is focused on helping people so that everyone enjoys equal legal protection, regardless of mutual differences. The project influences the development of the creative consciousness in individuals and groups, as well as all other elements that make up the idea of a human being in present times. SVAR society is active in developing the spiritual-ecological consciousness of the individual and the collective. The society is spreading the awareness of the need to preserve one’s own tradition and its usefulness in our daily life. It encourages the sharing and cooperation with other traditions globally and promotes cultural values through all forms of artistic creation.
In order to achieve its objectives the society shall:
1) organize and hold, independently or in partnership with other organizations, gatherings, platforms, debates, round tables and other forms of public gatherings of its members and all those interested in related topic – various aspects of philosophical views and insights represented by the SVAR project, as well as other similar scientific and spiritual trends.
2) organize and hold concerts, mini-concerts, multimedial performances and live performances on ASL (Acoustic Sculptures Labat) as well as individual or group listening sessions of the recorded musical material from various concerts, at the society’s premises.
3) raise funds, receive donations and collect membership fees in order to support talented individuals and activities in the future SVAR projects.
4) organize lectures and presentations of individual experiences in creative work, hold seminars, education activities, creative-experiential workshops and other trainings for various interested groups in keeping with the views and principles of the SVAR project. It will further organize spiritual-material holidays, group educational archeological tours in the country and abroad addressing energy architecture, habitational medicine and organic food production.
5) collect and process scientific and professional literature, organize publishing activities, advocate the importance and development of education;  raising social, cultural and environmental awareness of society members and other interested parties and further the development of humane and civilized behavior in everyday life, and particularly the development of empathy for vulnerable social groups and individuals.
6) provide protection of individual interests of its members; establish, maintain and promote cooperation with other kindred organizations and institutions both in the country and abroad that value the general fundamentals of human existence, and rules of life shared and lived within one’s tradition.