ASL Sculptures – The Sun

ASL Sculptures – The Sun fdsvar 29/04/2020

For Ancient Slavs the Sun was an inexhaustible source of light, love and life. They called it Svar or Svarog, symbolically representing it with a circle. In our tradition, that symbolism became alive in koloKolo is a ritual dance performed in honor of life, love, sun and the people. With its symbolism of an unbreakable chain of people, colectivity and life, it developed, protected and strengthened the collective spirit and consciousness of the people. Kolo, the wheel, is our dance and our play!

Acoustic Sculptures Labat (ASL sculptures) have emerged as a creations bringing together artistic ideas and skills in craftsmanship. In Vladimir Labat’s atelier – using 16 different crafts – rare works are created that represent a fusion of form and sound: the most diverse spectrum of nuances of colors and tonalities which by themselves wake up and engage all senses. These sculptures are actually a collage of all the experiences from an artist’s life and everyday practices. It is the knowledge he has acquired from various fields, not only music and painting, but science and technology as well. Acoustic Sculptures Labat are grandiose sculptural solutions one can enter, and on which several musicians can play at the same time, simultaneously.

First ASL Sculptures, unique in the world, were created in the seventies. Today there are over 50 of them – enough to play five concerts without the need for any instrument to be ever used repeatedly.