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Philosophical society SVAR

Philosophical society SVAR is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit citizens’ association. The association is founded with the aim to promote and make known the philosophical basis and understanding of the universal human need to undertake both spiritual and material work on and in oneself, as well as the need for the development and maturation one’s own creativity, which activates dormant genetic potentials in a human being and creates conditions for better communication with oneself and the environment. One of the main objectives of SVAR (the light in Old Slavonic) society is to acquaint the broader public with the philosophical positions and views of Vladimir Labat Rovnjev whose creative work emphasizes the need for personal spiritual-material and creative development.


Phoenix in Logos

"It is difficult to feel the fullness of life. Life is hope for good, and in evil there is hope for life that flows and rarely leaves traces in the void. Through those traces, someone in trouble can find their beauty and hope for a new life. The book before you is an accumulation of love for life. She inspired me with thoughts: By God's will, the ages endure, in holy time, individuals resonate spiritually. Lucia's spiritual and material struggle for life and love resounds in my consciousness every time with the words: The best I could not do, the worst I could not do. Now I keep the bad in my memory, I look for the best in hope..." - from the book "Phoenix in Logos"

Lucija Potpis

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The creation of spiritual ARS-INTEGRAL IMPROVISED MUSIC is a spiritually creative act in which an individual at a certain moment in time and in a given environment creates a multi-layered musical whole unified through an ars-integral act of improvisation.



The Vladimir Labat Rovnjev Foundation was founded in 2011 with the aim to provide public benefits through activities aimed at promoting and popularization of art, and more specifically – the creativity. You can read more about the work and goals of the foundation here.